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Hugo Boss or Emporio Armani - what designer watch brand is better?

Hugo Boss and Emporio Armani watches are becoming increasingly popular amongst men, and for good reason. These versatile watches offer high quality and reliability at fraction of the price compared to the typical brands such as Tag Heuer and Omega - but one question remains, which fashion watch brand does it better? Today we will go over the positives and negatives of each...

The history behind Hugo Boss watches

The company Hugo Boss was originally founded in 1924 as a clothing company, which sold shirts, jackets, sportswear and work clothing. They became famous when the company manufactured nazi uniform for the SS in World War 2. Since then, they have branched out into a plethora of different products which are now sold worldwide, these include BOSS timepieces. In 2005, Movado Group (who also manufacture and distribute watch brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste) entered a license agreement with the brand to take control of the production operations of thier exclusive watches.

The history behind Emporio Armani watches

The brand Emporio Armani was founded in 1975 by a man named Giorgio Armani, who is an extremely. Influential fashion designer from the heart of Italy. The brand is well known for its sophisticated timepieces, coupled with quality and timeless fashion accessories and clothing.

now we know the history behind the two iconic brands, we can dive right into it...

Build Quality

Both watches have market leading build quality using high grade stainless steel for the bracelets and cases of the watches, however Hugo Boss takes the win for quality. The hero sport and ocean edition models such as the ones seen here and here leverage more material to create a heavier duty case and bracelet, so if your a heavier handed individual, Hugo Boss maybe the way to go.


Now this is a hard one. Emporio Armani focuses on the classy side of designer watch fashion, this means that the timepieces that Armani produce are tailored more towards the more formal individuals.

Hugo Boss is more of a versatile watch, from the sport models such as the one seen here, to their dress timepieces. Hugo Boss watches specialise in their Chronograph models, like the watch shown in the photo below:

These watches usually feature a stopwatch (30/60mins) and the 24 hour time. There are some Emporio Armani models which have these features too, but we would say Hugo Boss dominate the market for chronograph complications.

If you are a an individual that values a watch that represents high social status and class, then Emporio Armani is there way to go, however if you would rather a slightly more versatile watch with useful everyday tools and a higher build quality, then Hugo Boss is for you.

We hope this article helped you and proved useful. shop here for your luxury designer timepieces today.

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