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Privacy policy


Last updated: 18th February 2023



What terms does Surrey Watches use in this privacy policy?


Surrey Watches LTD is an online only business, distributing designer and luxury watches worldwide (exceptions may apply to areas in which Royal mail does not deliver to), and providing watch repair services to customers. 


We use the term “you”, “yours”, “your”, “customer”, and “user” to refer to the user who is reading this privacy policy. We represent ourselves in this privacy notice by using the terms: “Surrey Watches”, “we”, and “our”. The term "personal data” that we use in this privacy policy relates to the personal identifiable information (PII) regarding you. 


Information we collect


We may collect personal data on our website in relation to the forms we have installed for customers and users of the site to fill out. This consists of the “mailing list” form found on the contact page, pop-up form and at the bottom of our website (footer). Additionally, we may also collect personal data that customers provide us with to complete their orders. This personal data includes your name, contact information (such as phone number or email address), address, and IP address. However, in order for us to collect any of this information, we will need your consent to receiving any communication from Surrey Watches. Please note that in some cases without consent from the user, we may be unable and/or unwilling to fulfil your order. You may always choose to withdraw consent at any time. 


By consenting to receive communication from Surrey Watches and submitting your personal data to us, you will be treated as having given your permission for the processing of your personal data as set out in this Privacy Policy. 


We will not disclose, sell, exchange or rent personally identifiable information to any other organisation other than the necessary companies listed below, or entity unless you are first notified and you expressly agree to it, or as otherwise required by law, and as necessary to deliver communication or services that you have requested from us. Our website builder Wix safely and securely store your personal information – this company will never disclose, sell exchange or rent your personally identifiable information with any other organisation or entity. 


Why do we collect your personal data?


We may use your personal data to:


  • Provide you with a service

  • Communicate with you

  • Audit our business

  • Conduct research for our own purposes

  • Confirm and/or correct personal data

  • We may provide your personal data to companies that help us complete services or sending communication that you have requested from us. These companies are authorised to use your data only to the extent necessary to provide these services or sending communication. 



Use of cookies


We facilitate the use of cookies on our site to collect information regarding web traffic for statistical purposes. The information is anonymised.


Multiple web browsers automatically accept cookies. You can turn this off by changing the settings in your browser. However if you decide to do so, it may have an affect on how responsive and effective our website is for you. Furthermore, you can delete the cookies after your visit to our site by changing the settings in your browser after you have closed the window that had our website up. 


You can learn more about controlling cookies using internet browsers here.


How to access, review and delete your personal data?


Upon your request, we will make your personal data available for you to review, and delete some/all data in relation to the privacy law. In any event, your personal data will be stored only as long as you are subscribed to our mailing lists or are a recipient of our services. 

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